I will be running a printmaking course at the beautiful Coombe Farm Studios this May.  The first course last year was a sell out and went really well with all the students producing stunning and exciting work.  See the blog page for photos..  The course is suitable for complete beginners to more experienced printmakers.  Contact 01803 722352 for more info.  Or look at    We will be exploring natural materials and taking inspiration from the river Dart, traditional and experimental printmaking techniques will be explored.

 2'COMPANY £300 FRAMED LINOCUT EDITION OF 36                       Kate gauging lino                      ST SAVIOUR'S DOOR £360 FRAMED LINOCUT EDITION OF 36

In 2008 Kate fell in love with printmaking, she is currently working on a handmade book called GREAT LIVES OF THE ARTISTS, inspired by the cult of the celebrity artist from Vasari's Lives of the Great Artists to the contemporary fascination with the drunken antics of the YBAs.  It is an exploration of the historical role of printmaking and the differences between conceptual art and craft.  Still working on it Spring 2011!


selected works from Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin, Sam Taylor-Wood and Stella Vine prints 2008    07973520515   all images copyright kate marshall 2010